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What's included in our website edits?

  • Posts: You want us to publish the post, and change images or content on your site that you have sent to us.

  • Pages: You want us to replace a heading, image, or paragraph on your site pages (Necessary details should be given).

  • WooCommerce: You want us to add new products to your site (You have to provide all the necessary details).

  • Media: You want us to upload the image to your site or replace the image on your content (All the necessary files should be given).

  • Forms: You want us to create or edit a form on your website (you should provide the form details or demo form to create a new one).

  • Plugins: You want us to configure a new plugin, install or uninstall a plugin, and troubleshoot plugin conflicts.

  • Themes: You want us to install a new theme, or change the theme.

  • On-Site SEO: You want us to change some page titles, and meta descriptions.
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